Each of Bedrock Engineering’s principal staff members have been living and working in Central California for decades. Using the best technology available on the market today, such as robotic total stations, real-time GPS, ground penetrating radar, and 3D laser scanners, the staff at Bedrock have completed a variety projects across the valley, from reservoir and canal projects, to multi-story structures and multi-acre commercial developments. We strongly feel that we have assembled the most capable and experienced staff in the Central Valley. With our new office in Concord, Bedrock Engineering is excited to be able to offer the East Bay the same high quality, expertience driven, and dedicated services that have made us so successful.

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Chaffee Zoo Sea Lion Exhibit - Fresno

Bedrock Engineering performed construction staking for the entire $10.2 million expansion project for MATT Construction, which includes a 35-ft underwater viewing window and a 200,000 gallon ocean habitat. The Sea Lion Cove exhibit opened to the public in August 2012.

Veteran Affairs Hospital

The Veterans Affairs Central California Health Care System (VACCHS) has its main inpatient facility in Fresno. Bedrock Engineering’s’ staff managed the topographic survey to facilitate future engineering design and to document asbuilt locations of all on-site improvements. Bedrock Engineering also provided construction staking services for the new mental health building and the new emergency generator installation project.

Madera Courthouse

Under construction by Gilbane Building Company, the new Madera County courthouse will be four stories tall and will cost $79 million. Bedrock Engineering is currently performing all of the construction staking, control surveys, anchor bolt surveys, and underground utility locating. The courthouse is schedule to be completed in 2014.

Clovis Community Medical Center: New Bed Tower

At the heart of the Phase B expansion is the new bed tower. At 90 feet tall, Clovis Community Medical Center’s ‘new 5-story bed tower is the tallest building in Clovis. The Phase B expansion also included a new emergency department, a new Material Management building, a new Central Plant building, a new parking structure, a new Diagnostic and Treatment wing, and numerous paving operations and underground utility installations. Bedrock performed construction staking, control surveys, anchor bolt surveys, and building and shoring monitoring for the entire $350 million Phase B Project.
In addition to the Phase B Expansion, Community Medical Centers has been improving their infrastructure by constructing several new facilities, also located on the Clovis campus. A new four-story medical office building, constructed in Summer 2012 has 93,000 square feet of office space. The new Health & Education Conference Center contains a 200+ seat auditorium and will be used to educate medical personnel and patients. Bedrock Engineering performed the construction staking for both buildings and post-pour anchor bolt surveys Health & Education Conference Center.

Ag Reservoir

A reservoir with a 420 acre feet storage capacity was constructed in Northeastern Madera County in 2012 for irrigating pistachio and almond trees. The reservoir is a half mille long and over 500 feet wide. Bedrock Engineering designed the reservoir and completed the topographic and construction surveying for the project.

University High School: New Campus

Located on the California State University, Fresno campus, University High School is academically one of the best ranked high schools in the state. In late 2009 through 2010, Bedrock Engineering provided all of the construction staking, control surveys, and anchor bolt surveys for the new state-of-the-art campus.

3D High Definition Laser Scanning

Bedrock Engineering, Inc. has the expertise to create accurate 3D models of just about anything – even a multi-story building – using 3D high definition laser scanning. These models can be used for design, building information modeling, to create virtual 3D models, and much more.

Irrigation Infrastructure

Bedrock is heavily involved with the maintenance and retrofitting of canals and irrigation infrastructure in Western Fresno and Madera Counties. Bedrock performed the topographic and construction surveying for renovations on the First and Second Lift, Columbia, and Pacheco Lateral 3 canals, among others. Bedrock also ran a 58-mile level loop to analyze land subsidence in the San Joaquin River corridor.

Fresno State Aquatics Center

A $7.5 million project, the Fresno State Aquatics Center has 3 pools holding approximately 1 million gallons of water. The center also includes spectator seating and locker facilities. Bedrock Engineering provided construction staking for the project.

Goldenrod Elementary

Goldenrod Elementary School, located just East of Kerman, California, covers 20.7 acres and was built to facilitate Kerman’s’growing student population. Bedrock Engineering completed all of the construction staking, control surveys, and anchor bolt surveys for the project.

Children's Hospital Central California

Children’s’Hospital, located in Madera County just North of Fresno, is the premier pediatric medical facility in California and is one of the 10 largest hospitals of its kind in the nation. Bedrock Engineering’s staff compiled all horizontal and vertical photo-control and detailed topographic surveys for engineering design, prepared record mapping for the hospital site and surrounding parcels, and was responsible for the management of construction surveying services on-site and off-site.

Eurus Energy America Solar Project - Avenal

Covering over 500 acres near Avenal, California, the 45 megawatt photovoltaic power plant was the largest of its kind in California when it was completed in 2011 by Eurus Energy America and Ryan Company. Bedrock Engineering provided control surveys and construction staking.

Crane Valley Dam Quarry

During the retrofitting of Crane Valley Dam at Bass Lake, California, a quarry was created on an 8-acre site to provide up to 300,000 cubic yards of rock. Near the completion of the project, Bedrock measured the volume of the material removed from the quarry by scanning the quarry walls with a 3-D laser scanner. Laser scanning was performed over 2 days from 8 different positions, located in the bottom of the quarry and around its perimeter. Using the millions of data points provided by the scanner, accurate volumes were calculated for the client.

Self-Help Enterprises: Parksdale Village 1 and 2 Multi-family Apartment Complexes

Bedrock Engineering designed, prepared, and processed the grading, street, and utility plans, and managed construction staking for the two 5 acre, 48 unit residential developments.
Self-Help Enterprises is an organization dedicated to provide low income housing. Bedrock Engineering has been involved with Self-Help at multiple locations including Goshen Village, Parksdale Village in Madera, Viscaya Gardens in Dinuba, and Lindsay Village in Lindsay. At each of these sites, Bedrock Engineering provided boundary surveys, control surveys, construction staking, and pad certifications.

University of California, Merced: Solar Project

Bedrock Engineering provided utility and boundary research, topographic surveying, and construction staking for U.C. Merced’s 1 megawatt, 4,900 panel solar power system, and covers roughly 8.5 acres. Completed in November, 2009 by SunPower Corp., the system supplies around 2/3 of the campus’ power needs during summer and about 20% of the overall annual needs.