Unique Capabilities

Unique Capabilities

Bedrock Engineering has the following capabilities which go beyond those found at most civil engineering and land surveying firms. These special capabilities enables us to offer our clients a more flexible and seamless experience, no matter how complicated the job gets.

Underground Utility Locating

Using special tools and instruments, the locations and depths of buried utilities can be marked and identified, allowing for safer excavation and easier site planning. Examples of the types of utilities typically marked include water & sewer lines, electrical conduits, natural gas pipes, and fiber optic cables.

Hydrographic Surveying

Hydorgraphic surveys are conducted when the surface to be mapped is partially or fully below water. By using special sonographic equipment, there is no need to remove the water to develop a map for the underlying surface. Together with traditional topographic surveys, entire waterways, reservoirs, or other submerged surfaces can be mapped without the cost or hassle of dewatering.

Laser Scanning & 3D Modeling

By shining laser repeatedly across a surface and capturing the image on a high-accuracy camera, 3-dimensional points can be collected rapidly, allowing even complex and inaccessible surfaces or structures to be mapped in relatively little time. The resultant dataset is used in engineering design, volume calculations, and mapping.