COVID-19 Update

On March 19th Governor Newsom issued Executive Order N-33-20, “COVID-19 shelter-in-place” orders. In response, Bedrock Engineering is temporarily implementing new policies and procedures for our staff and offices.

Our field work will continue uninterrupted. However, our offices will have limited access to clients and we are transitioning some of our staff to work remotely. We have implemented the use of software tools and procedures to ensure that we can continue to complete your projects with the same high standards for which Bedrock Engineering is known.

We understand that adapting to the unique challenges of COVID-19 is forcing our industry to implement new policies and procedures faster than we can standardize them. Bedrock Engineering is dedicated to remaining nimble while navigating through these challenging times together. Our procedures for client communications will have a highly personalized approach. Whatever your unique challenges are, we will find a way to continue working together and stay productive. We will ensure that you (our clients and partners) still receive the same great quality of service, communication, and timeliness that you have come to expect from us.

Bedrock Engineering will continue to do as it has always done; remain resilient and work together with our community partners to overcome challenges and achieve common goals.