Underground Utility Locating

Using special tools and instruments, the locations and depths of buried utilities can be marked and identified, allowing for safer excavation and easier site planning. By utilizing the most up to date technology, training, and techniques, we can ensure the most accurate product is delivered to our clients. No project is too big, or too small for Bedrock.

   Types of Utilities we can locate
      ■   Electric Lines
      ■   Storm/Sewer Lines
      ■   Communication Lines (at&t, comcast, etc.)
      ■   Water Lines
      ■   Irrigation Main & Lateral lines
      ■   Gas & Fuel Lines

   Private Utility Locating
      ■   Private Property (not marked by 811)
      ■   Private Utility Lines
      ■   Subsurface investigation to clients need

   Industrial/Commercial Utility Locating
      ■   Professionally surveyed, to scale, utility maps
      ■   Damage prevention of existing utilities
      ■   Prevention of project delays from un-expected utility finds
      ■   Finish your projects on-time, and safely

   Ground Penetrating Radar
      ■   Underground Storage Tank (UST) Locating
      ■   Roadway Surveys for Sink Hole mitigation
      ■   Location of Buried Objects
      ■   Most Accurate tool for underground locating