Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering Services

Following is a list of the different types of Civil Engineering services that our staff can provide for your next project:

Grading is the process of ensuring a level base, or one with a specified slope, for a construction project. The professionals at Bedrock can assist you with grading and drainage plans. We perform grading for a variety of projects, including:

  • Commercial & Multi-Family Residential Parking Lot Design
  • Storm Drain Basin Design
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

Used in both civil engineering projects and landscape architectural construction, grading may be necessary before projects such as installing a foundation, the base course for a road or a railway, landscape and garden improvements, or surface drainage. The earthworks created for such a purpose are often called the sub-grade

A Grading Plan shows the current contours and how the shape of a project or property will change. A Grading Plan can be performed for a single lot or on a larger tract of land. A grading plan is a complex set of drawings which may include retaining walls and drainage systems.  Different cities have their own set of rules which trigger the need for a Grading Plan, but in general a land development Grading Plan will be required if you are moving more than 50 cubic yards of earth or changing the elevation more than a foot. 

The professionals at Bedrock can provide you with the Civil Engineering services necessary to complete projects involving city- or county-owned streets. 

Any time construction occurs within public right-of-way, it is necessary to obtain an encroachment permit from your local Department of Public Works. Bedrock can assist in the filing and obtaining of encroachment permits for purposes including the following:

  • Offsite/Public Improvements – Street and Storm Drain Improvements
  • Utility Work – Sewer/Water Improvements, Dry Utility Improvements
  • Traffic – Traffic Control Plans, Traffic Signing and Striping Improvements and Traffic Signal Improvements

Additionally, the Civil Engineers at Bedrock Engineering prepare Signing & Striping Plans. Signing and striping plans show where all signs and striping necessary for the development will occur, including interim signs and striping and guard fences. 

The professionals at Bedrock can provide you with the Civil Engineering services necessary to complete a variety of projects involving public- or private-owned utilities. 

Bedrock can assist in the planning and execution process for projects, including:

  • Storm Drains
  • Sanitary Sewer lines
  • Water lines
A subdivision creates multiple parcels of land from an existing tract of land. The Civil Engineering professionals at Bedrock offer years of expertise in subdivision design, offering you the best options in using what the land has to offer, while working within the applicable laws and local regulations. Our subdivision plans are designed to create a development that will serve both the future owners and the municipality in which the development resides.

The professionals at Bedrock can assist you with creating subdivision plans for a variety of projects, including:

  • Residential Tracts
  • Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)
  • Industrial Park Developments
  • Site Planning & Entitlement Processing