About Us

Bedrock Engineering, Inc. is a state-certified small business and serves public and private sector clients in the San Joaquin Valley area and beyond. It is owned and operated by its founders: Corporate President Michael S. Hartley, PLS; Corporate Vice President Peter Mayne, PLS; and Corporate Secretary and Chief Financial Officer David O. Hartley, RCE. Its founders have worked together since 1990 and have over sixty years of combined, local experience in topographic and boundary surveying; construction staking; the preparation of maps, legal descriptions, and specifications; construction management; site planning; and in grading, street, and underground utility design.

We believe in hiring educated and highly talented individuals right from within our local community. Bedrock also believes firmly in giving back to the community by participating in local events and fund raisers, being active in local clubs and professional organizations, and through donations, scholarships, and pro-bono work. The central valley is not just where we work – it is where we live.